Living with diabetes for decades: Wendy Novak hopes to inspire others with new book and life journey

In her new book, “Diabetes and Me: Living a Healthy and Empowered Life in the Face of Diabetes” (ISBN-13 9781633310803, Nov. 14, 2023), philanthropist Wendy L. Novak takes readers on a journey illustrating that people diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, despite the challenges they may face, still can accomplish their goals and dreams. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Activities most people take for granted, like exercise, can cause dangerous lows and even highs in blood sugar,” Novak said. “Pregnancy also is a risky subject. I hope that by showing others I wasn’t willing to let my diagnosis hold me back, I can provide some hope for others who have Type 1 diabetes.”

Novak is the face of the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute, a part of Norton Healthcare and Norton Children’s, which supports groundbreaking clinical services, education and research to ensure young people with diabetes can thrive. At age 71, her goal is to help patients with diabetes live their fullest lives. In this honest but uplifting account of a life well lived, she shares what she has learned, including practical tips for managing diabetes.

“Wendy’s dedication to Type 1 diabetes education and working to create a better world for patients is unparalleled — as is her spirit. This book shows just how possible it is to persevere and live a long, fulfilling life with Type 1 diabetes.” –Kupper A. Wintergerst, pediatric endocrinologist, executive director of Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute, and Wendy L. Novak Chair of Pediatric Diabetes Care and Clinical Research.

“This book is a must-read for the millions of people who live with diabetes but also for everyone who has personal challenges they must face.” –Elaine and Ken Langone, philanthropists.

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“Diabetes and Me” is 158 pages and available in hardcover, e-book and audio versions wherever books are sold.  Learn more now or purchase your copy,  or support the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute.