Our Vision For The Future

Our vision for the future is a world without diabetes. Until that time comes, Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute will continue to provide hope and build confidence in families touched by diabetes.

Our goal is to empower children with diabetes to live long, healthy lives. In addition to providing clinical services and education, research is important to achieving our vision — basic, translational and clinical.

Our Vision Calls for

Outreach Expansion

Across our region and the entire state of Kentucky, there is a need to reach children and providers who lack access to advanced diabetes management. Through outreach and telehealth initiatives, we provide an effective, convenient option for families and providers to communicate with our diabetes support team at the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute in Louisville, Kentucky.

Adolescent to Adult Transition

Our vision includes bridging the long-recognized gap in the transition of care from childhood to adulthood for those with diabetes. Consistency in care plans from a well-recognized diabetes program provides assurance during what can be a very vulnerable time for patients.

Preeminent Workforce and Research

Expanding the endowed chairs within the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute allows us to expand our regional presence, continue to improve our national rankings, and attract and recruit the next generation of talented endocrinologists — ultimately elevating care for diabetes patients in the communities we serve.

Our vision to be the top diabetes center in the country takes support from our community. Click here to learn more about our case for support.